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—— Why Hernergy

We provide innovative solutions to our clients, that are not only of the highest quality standards, but also cost effective and safe. We strive to be the preferred partner in meeting oilfield project challenges, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity and promote sustainable practices.

We partner with global industry experts that extend our local capabilities to deliver EPCI projects in the offshore, onshore and subsea segments of the oil and gas sector.

Our core values – Safety, Excellence, Performance & Sustainability – guide every step. We are shaping the future of energy, making it efficient and sustainable. We envision a future where energy production is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible. We lead the charge in safety, innovation and sustainability.

To provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to safely produce energy with minimal impact to the environment.


To be the partner of choice for provision of solutions to oilfield projects and operational challenges.

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